About me

Passion for design has been in my family from as far back as I can remember with both my father and brother pursuing their in careers in architecture and interior design. In pursuit of my developing passion for design, in 1996 I signed up for a course in graphic design at the Uxbridge College and Oxford Media Business School.

On graduating, I began working as a junior in the advertising and publishing world and not long after, I was recruited by the Eastern Eye and Ethnic Media Group. Here, over a 10 year period, I gained valuable exposure in all aspects of publishing including team working, communication, planning and decision-making. I was encouraged to develop and step out of my comfort zone to tackle extraordinary creative challenges to which end my work was regularly featured in magazines such as Occasions, Britain's Richest Asians and Eastern Eye.

My design interest was not limited to the publication : I worked very closely, and still do, with my brother and have designed murials for shop interiors, company branding from business cards to logos and assisted in the architectural documents.

My freelancing career started in earnest in 2009 and have developed business relationships with media and marketing groups, surgeons, building firms, architects, internet sales and the education sector. I specialise in all aspects of design including advertisements, posters, leaflets, business cards, brochures, invitations, exhibitions, company presentations and website development.

I know the importance of branding and communication : an extension of the clients personality and individuality. Through originality, creativity and design passion, I can assist in the realisation of your design ideas with a view of getting your message out to your targeted audience.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and looking through my work.

If you would like to know more or are interested in working with me, please get in touch.